process - work stage 2

2. Measure Survey & Outline Design

  • When we receive your signed instruction, we'll visit the site to conduct a measured survey and make a photographic record.

  • It may be necessary to appoint a third party to conduct the survey. We'd make this clear and provide a minimum of 3 quotes from specialist survey companies.

  • When we have the completed survey we'll send you a copy for your records.

  • We may recommend that some searches are done. They could include statutory utility searches and legal searches to identify any restricted covenants or easements that could impact development. We would include details of the costs with the recommendation.

  • Based on these investigations we'll update the brief and provide you with a site analysis together with our initial sketch ideas.

  • At this stage many of our Clients like to sit down and review the options, especially in light of any unknowns that have come to light. In many cases this meeting takes the form of a brainstorming workshop.  We find that this type of session generates more ideas and gives our Clients greater engagement with the design process.

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